Every year Aurora Alimentos manages the natural resources it uses, reducing operating costs and improving its environmental performance. The environmental bias is present in the strategic and business decisions of the cooperative. Care for the environment is one of the principles of Aurora, this comes from the rural roots of the cooperative families, the work developed in the surrounding units and communities. The industrial units worked on the identification and classification of the significance of their environmental aspects and impacts, with based on the requirements of ISO 14.001, to better manage them. Continuous improvement in environmental operations is ensured through the monitoring of indicators, control items, solutions of deviations and improvement projects carried out in the units.

  • Alfa

    Prêmio Expressão de Ecologia

    Ecology Expression Award Premio Expresión de Ecología

  • Alfa

    Prêmio CNI de Ecologia

    CNI Ecology Award
    Premio CNI de Ecología

  • Alfa

    Prêmio Fritz Müller

    Fritz Müller Award
    Premio Fritz Müller

  • Alfa

    Benchmarking Ambiental Brasileiro

    Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking
    Benchmarking Ambiental Brasileño

  • Alfa

    Troféu Responsabilidade Social

    Trophy Social Responsibility
    Trofeo Responsabilidad Social

  • Alfa

    Troféu Empresa Cidadã

    Corporate Citizen Award
    Premio Empresa Ciudadana

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